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EU Clinical Trials Regulation

EU Clinical Trials Regulation Creates a Framework for the Future of Research

Recent advances in medical science are providing new hope for people living with unmet needs – but modern medicines are only one side of the coin. Ensuring new treatments move from bench side to bedside as soon as possible is … Read More

smart packaging in clinical trials

Smart Packaging in Clinical Trials: The Missing Piece in the Medication Adherence Puzzle

Poor adherence to medication has been costing lives and money for decades – but cutting-edge solutions are now on hand to solve the age-old problem. It is no secret that the medical community has a problem with patient compliance: patients … Read More

Not all Medication Adherence Tools are Created Equal – A Case Study

It may hold the potential to solve one of healthcare’s biggest problems, but not all Medication Adherence Tools are created equal. The key to helping people to take their medicines as prescribed, whether within a clinical trial or as part … Read More

Poor Medication Adherence: A Dangerous yet Modifiable Risk Factor in Psychiatry and Oncology Trials

When it comes to medication adherence in psychiatry and oncology trials, the stakes are high – not taking medicines as prescribed can have life-altering or even life-threatening consequences. As such, we often assume almost perfect adherence. Unfortunately, this could not … Read More

When Participant Retention Diminishes, it’s Time to Invest in Participant Engagement

Boost clinical trial retention with participant engagement and adherence patterns Clinical trial participants are among a study’s most valuable assets – which is why Sponsors & CROs are increasingly investing to keep them on board, on track, and on the … Read More