AARDEX Group and SHL Medical forge strategic alliance to interface medication adherence software with connected self-injection solutions


Belgium – SHL Medical, a world-leading provider of drug delivery devices, and AARDEX Group, the global leader in medication adherence solutions, today announced their strategic partnership aimed at delivering an end-to-end solution for pharma customers seeking to demonstrate patient adherence within clinical trials.

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in determining the efficacy and safety of medical devices and treatments, thereby improving the quality of life for those with chronic conditions. Yet, patient compliance in these trials is often around 50%, posing challenges to the statistical power and interpretation of results and significantly increasing costs.

Addressing this critical issue head-on, SHL Medical and AARDEX Group incorporate the AARDEX software solution into the broader digital ecosystem alongside SHL Medical’s Molly® autoinjector platform. In the drug delivery industry, digital connectivity for autoinjectors is regarded as a significant future contributor to enhancing patient engagement. The Molly® Connected Cap, a compact, retrofittable add-on for the autoinjector, records and transmits data on patients’ usage. Upon removal of the autoinjector cap from the Molly® device, the Connected Cap activates, and relays timestamped data to AARDEX’s real-time, user-friendly adherence dashboards. AARDEX’s MEMS® adherence software utilizes best practice methodologies to acquire, monitor, analyze, guide, and interpret data, providing clarity for sponsors, trialists, and patients. By combining their expertise, SHL Medical and AARDEX Group are set to empower pharmaceutical companies and researchers to fully harness the power of digital technology, enhance trial efficiency and optimize patient outcomes.

Bernard Vrijens, CEO and Scientific Lead at AARDEX Group, comments, “We believe that we offer the only mature, robust and proven adherence solution on the market today. Partnering with SHL Medical – itself a global leader with over 50 marketed combination products delivered – reaffirms our position as the market leading authority on medication adherence. Together, this collaboration will embrace the wealth of knowledge and experience of both parties to deliver on the needs of today’s clinical trials, patients and healthcare providers.”

Nils Weber, Global Head Emerging Technologies & Digital Health at SHL Medical, adds, ”As one of the offers in our connected device portfolio, Molly® Connected Cap integrates perfectly with AARDEX’s robust software, allowing us to provide a seamless and comprehensive adherence solution. Easy to use and without pairing required, the innovative technology of our retrofittable autoinjector cap add-on that transmits data on the patient’s use of the medication upon uncapping of the device.”

About AARDEX Group

AARDEX Group is the world leader in digital solutions to measure and manage medication adherence. Located in Belgium, in Switzerland and in the U.S., AARDEX develops and markets digital solutions for adherence-enhancing strategies in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems. AARDEX is the central actor of a complete ecosystem that combines its MEMS® Adherence Software with a wide range of smart packages and devices that measure patient adherence across all routes of drug administration. Our vision is to continuously innovate in data-driven medication adherence solutions to enhance digital therapeutics and patient empowerment.

For additional information, visit https://aardexgroup.com

About SHL Medical

As a world-leading solutions provider of advanced drug delivery systems, SHL Medical is the partner of choice for many leading pharma and biotech companies. Driven by our company purpose – Enabling Patients’ Independence – we offer patient-centric solutions for the design, development, and manufacturing of autoinjectors, pen injectors, as well as innovative specialty delivery systems for large-volume and high-viscosity formulations. We also offer final assembly, labeling, and packaging solutions for our drug delivery systems. 

In response to the rising trend in home therapy, SHL has increased developmental work in the digital healthcare sector to help improve the drug delivery ecosystem.

Located across Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, and the US, our global team of experts collaborate seamlessly as one team in utilizing our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our solutions offer customization and optimization for each project while proactively weaving sustainability-driven measures into our designs and processes to contribute to a cleaner earth.

For additional information, visit www.shl-medical.com 

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