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EFPIA Calls for Greater Clarity Around the Regulatory Role of Digital Health Technology

Digital health technologies (DHT), including digital medication adherence monitoring, have the potential to revolutionize drug development, and must be given every opportunity to succeed.  That’s according to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) reflection paper, which has … Read More

Pfizer Acknowledges the Need for Better Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

Drug giant, Pfizer has highlighted the need for effective, patient-centered medication adherence management in clinical trials. Nothing stops a drug from working more than not taking it, but, as medicine and leadership pioneer and Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer, said, non-adherence … Read More

Electronic Medication Monitoring

ESPACOMP Backs Electronic Medication Monitoring as “Method of Choice” for Quantifying Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

Effectively measuring medication adherence relies on selecting the most appropriate data source – and for clinical trials, that data source is electronic medication monitoring. The TEOS (timelines-events-objectives-source) guideline provides a clear framework on how to assess medicine-taking behavior relative to … Read More

Patient Adherence Behaviors

Why Patient Adherence Behaviours Should Be Common Knowledge in Clinical Trials

Realizing the potential of the revolution in cancer treatment depends on ensuring researchers, regulators, and clinicians have access to all the information they need to develop, approve, and prescribe new drugs – including patient adherence data. Nothing stops a drug … Read More

Smart Caps Improve Patient Adherence

Smart Caps Improve Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials – It’s a Fact!

Poor medication adherence is a problem that has gone “unsolved” for decades. But combining smart caps with individualized feedback can drive the adherence that proves the investigational product efficacy and underwrites approvals. In this case study, we set out the … Read More

Measure Medication Adherence

High Fidelity Measurement of Patients’ Medication Adherence: A Missing Link in Precision Medicine

The emergence of pharmacogenomics is an important milestone in the precision medicine journey – but the importance of measuring medicine adherence, an essential component in the complex pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics equation, can often be overlooked. In this article, Bernard Vrijens, CEO … Read More

Poor Patient Adherence

In a world of outcome-based pricing, can you afford to neglect patient adherence? 

The emergence of outcome-based contracts in clinical research has placed an additional consideration on the already thorny issue of adherence. When drug companies are paid according to the real-world effectiveness of their products, ensuring people take the medications as prescribed … Read More

Adherence to Medication

Adherence to Medication: The Missing Piece in the Pharmacogenomics Puzzle

If enacted, the US’ Right Drug Dose Now Act will place pharmacogenomics on the main stage of drug development and move us further into the personalized medicine era. By supporting the use of pharmacogenetic testing to prevent adverse events (AEs) … Read More

The Role of Medication Adherence Tools

The Heart of the Matter: The Role of Medication Adherence Tools in Tackling the CVD Epidemic

Despite huge strides in how cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are treated in recent years, the conditions remain among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. At least part of the problem is that even the most effective drugs will not … Read More

Drug Forgiveness and Patient Adherence

Exploring the Relationship Between Drug Forgiveness and Patient Adherence

With patient adherence thought to be lower than 50% 1, drug companies are increasingly maximizing dosages to bridge the gap at population scale – but are we overdosing individual patients as a result? The industry’s tendency to always aim for the … Read More