Come & Mingle

Come & Mingle

Monday July 8, 2024
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Boston Mariott Burlington

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Join Us for an Exclusive Event: "Optimizing Dosing in Oncology - The New Paradigm"

Since 2023, the FDA mandates have reshaped the dose optimization landscape in oncology, but new challenges emerge with oral dosing:

🚫 50% of Study Participants Deviate from Prescribed Dosing
⚠️ 40% of Exposure Data is Unreliable
πŸ’Š Drug Efficacy Underestimated, Safety Distorted

The stakes are high:

πŸ” Poor Trial Results
⏳ Delays or Denial of Regulatory Approval
πŸ’Έ Non or Partial Reimbursement for Off-Label Use

Join the WestRock, AARDEX Group to explore innovative solutions and strategies to tackle these critical issues.Β 

Let’s revolutionize drug exposure in clinical trials together!