AARDEX® Group adds etectRx’s Smart Pills to their MEMS® Adherence Hardware ecosystem 

Smart Pills

The partnership sees the integration of AARDEX’s adherence analytics software with etectRx’s ingestible adherence sensor smart pill.

Liege, Belgium (APRIL 28, 2022) – Belgium-based AARDEX Group, the leader in measuring and managing medication adherence in clinical trials today announced a strategic partnership with etectRx, Inc. This new collaboration combines etectRx’s smart pill, the ID-Cap™ System, and AARDEX Group’s MEMS Adherence Software (MEMS AS) to track medication-taking behaviors. Together, they provide a holistic, objective, and precise method to measure and manage adherence to solid form dose medications. 

etectRx, Inc joins other partners as part of AARDEX Group’s ever-growing ecosystem of MEMS Adherence Hardware. The FDA-cleared ID-Cap System features a capsule with an embedded ingestible wireless sensor, called the ID-Tag. When swallowed, the sensor transmits a low-power digital message from inside the stomach. Under the AARDEX Group integration, the captured data can be transmitted to MEMS AS, software which harnesses proprietary algorithms to help sponsors understand patient dosing patterns. Healthcare teams can then use this information to risk-stratify patients, deliver targeted interventions, and boost medication adherence.

Since COVID-19 reshaped the research industry, there has been an uptick in the need for solutions that can allow sponsors to deliver trials remotely. In this scenario, where some or all in-person visits are off the table, poor medication adherence could present as an issue. Medication non-adherence leads to poor outcomes in routine care and can jeopardize the success of clinical research. The pharmaceutical industry needs data-driven solutions that will help patients remain adherent to their oral medications. This is particularly true in clinical trials, where the primary source of trial failure is an inability to demonstrate efficacy.[1]

Bernard Vrijens, CEO & Scientific Lead, AARDEX, comments: “We are delighted to add etectRx to our growing, global medication adherence ecosystem. By linking our medication monitoring software to their smart pills, we are adding a valuable partner to our global ecosystem of smart packages and devices to cover all routes of drug administration. 

At AARDEX, we believe improving healthcare outcomes is about team collaboration, which is why we have an active focus on partnering with industry leaders like etectRx.”

Eric Buffkin, President, and CEO of etectRx adds: “etectRx recognizes the deep experience and expertise of the AARDEX team and their passion to improve medication adherence.  The combination of our ID-Cap System feeding real-time confirmed dosing information to AARDEX Group’s suite of adherence software will provide a powerful tool for biopharma and CROs.”

About AARDEX Group

AARDEX Group is the global leader in digital solutions to measure and manage medication adherence. With operations in Belgium, Switzerland, and the U.S., AARDEX develops and markets digital solutions for adherence-enhancing strategies in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems. AARDEX is the central actor of a complete ecosystem that combines its MEMS Adherence Software with a wide range of smart packages and devices that measure patient adherence across all routes of drug administration. AARDEX’s vision is to continuously innovate in data-driven medication adherence solutions to enhance digital therapeutics and patient empowerment. www.aardexgroup.com

About etectRxTM

etectRx is a worldwide leader in ingestible sensors. The FDA-cleared ID-Cap System remotely monitors patients’ medication dosing behavior and provides real-time notifications of confirmed ingestions. The accurate, flexible, and simple system gives researchers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies better insight into their patients’ behavior, accelerates research, and improves outcomes. To learn more, visit https://etectrx.com/.

[1] Fogel, D. Factors associated with clinical trials that fail and opportunities for improving the likelihood of success: A review. (2018).  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6092479/

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