IT4 Anxiety Project


Innovative Medication Adherence Tools in a
Real-World Setting to Reduce Anxiety. ​

IT4Anxiety aims to support the implementation of innovative solutions related to digital technology through start-ups to reduce the anxiety of patients suffering from mental disorders

AARDEX Group will lead one of the ten innovative solutions being developed as part of the project. A usability study will be set up, using their medication adherence tools and solutions already used in clinical trials to monitor medication adherence in daily practice. Thanks to this study, AARDEX Group will adapt and improve its existing solution to monitor medication adherence in anxiety and develop new methods to analyze electronic medication adherence data. More specifically, 50 patients receiving treatment for chronic conditions will be recruited in the Walloon Region to assess the acceptance of AARDEX’s digital solution, comprising a smart medication package (‘MEMS® Button’) and a mobile application (‘MEMS® Mobile’), as well as its effect on anxiety.

This pilot study will be run jointly with the University of Liège in the context of a Master’s thesis in the Public Health department with AARDEX Group as a sponsor, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Walloon Region. In addition to the pilot study, a focus group will be organized with eight patients to gather their qualitative feedback on AARDEX Group’s solutions, including intelligent medication packages and the mobile application.


AARDEX Group Joins Innovative IT4Anxiety Project

This project provides the opportunity to leverage 30 years of proven adherence monitoring technology in drug discovery, to the daily practice offering data-driven adherence management solutions to improve mental health service users’ lives.

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