Medication Monitoring Matters Newsletter: February 2023 Edition

Greetings from the forefront of innovation in clinical trials. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the first edition of our medication adherence newsletter, Medication Monitoring Matters. Our focus? Empowering clinical trial sponsors like you to elevate the standard of care through improved adherence. 

We’ll be sharing valuable insights, best practices, and the latest advancements in technology that can help you achieve more reliable and accurate trial results. With each issue, you’ll be joining us on a journey to bring the power of effective medication adherence to the forefront of clinical trials.

Let’s get started!

This Month’s Thoughts and Ideas

Medication Adherence Technology: Bridging the Gap Between Drug Trials and Real World?

As the industry strives for increased diversity in research, a significant challenge stands in the way: poor medication adherence. This hindrance clouds the true picture of how drugs perform in real-world scenarios, ultimately jeopardizing drug development. Bernard Vrijens, a visionary leader at AARDEX Group, experts in medication adherence technology, poses a thought-provoking question: are Intention-to-Treat (ITT) analyses enough to overcome this deficiency? 
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Why Near-Perfect Medication Adherence Often Equates to Toxicity

The WHO has shed light on the consequences of poor adherence for prisoners, highlighting the pervasive health inequalities in our world. But it’s not just poor adherence that poses a problem; near-perfect adherence can also be problematic in the drug development landscape. When medication administration is nearly compulsory in a prison setting, individuals can fall into the “compliance trap,” taking their medications exactly as prescribed, but with potentially toxic consequences. It all starts in the critical stage of clinical trials.
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Ask the Adherence Experts: A Q&A with Matt Bolton, Merck, and Ning Yu, Biogen

In a recent thought-provoking Q&A, Bernard Vrijens, Scientific Lead at AARDEX Group, talked with Matt Bolton, Director of Clinical Supply Technology and Innovation at Merck, and Ning Yu, Director of Product and Technology Innovation at Biogen, to delve into the limitless potential of digital adherence monitoring. With a wealth of experience and expertise, these leaders shared their insights and lessons learned from implementing digital adherence monitoring in the real world.

In the News

AARDEX Group and Cambridge Cognition Join Forces to Bring Next-Level Adherence Oversight to Hybrid and Decentralized Clinical Trials.

The future of clinical trials has just been elevated with the collaboration between AARDEX Group and Cambridge Cognition’s Clinpal team. Together, we’re revolutionizing adherence monitoring in the age of hybrid and decentralized trials. By blending AARDEX Group’s cutting-edge MEMS® dosing technology with Clinpal’s comprehensive DCT platform, including video consultations and e-consent, we’ve created a seamless solution for sponsors and CROs to manage adherence with ease.

AARDEX Group and medmix team up to Improve Self-Administration of Injectable Drugs in Clinical Trials 

The future of clinical research just got a boost with the partnership between Haselmeier and AARDEX Group. Haselmeier has developed the revolutionary D-Flex Logbook, a wireless drug delivery solution, which now seamlessly integrates with AARDEX Group’s renowned MEMS AS® Adherence Software. This electronic data capture system has been a trusted tool for over 20 years, collecting patient adherence data from cutting-edge devices. The collaboration between these industry leaders brings together decades of experience and expertise to enhance the understanding and management of patient adherence in clinical trials for self-injection therapies. By combining their offerings, they’re taking an evidence-based approach to the next level, creating the difference between failed and successful trials. read more >>

Upcoming Events

  • ISCTM 19th Annual Scientific Meeting, Washington DC, 15-17 February 2023
  • Clinical Trial Supply Europe, Milan, 15-16 March

If you’re planning to be at one of these upcoming events and want to connect with us, contact us and our team will be in touch. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas!

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