medAmigo® suite

The medAmigo Software suite is a flexible online web-solution that monitors patient’s adherence to drug therapies in daily practice, clinical trials, or research settings.  The medAmigo suite supports adherence-enhancing interventions as well as an unbiased and precise measure of medication adherence.


This collaborative solution can be used by different authorized healthcare professionals or investigators to collect and to analyze adherence data from multiple sites.

It is a secure and cloud-based data platform composed of different modules ( medamigo Center, medAmigo View, medAmigo Analytics, medamigo Mobile)  that deliver on-demand results.


The medAmigo suite processes patient data using predefined and validated algorithms to present a comprehensive picture of patients’ adherence based on the dosing history from the MEMS® packages.

The dosing history data is stored on centralized, secured servers on which continuous backups are scheduled. The data are securely transferred and stored encrypted on AARDEX servers.

AARDEX is ISO certified,  compatible with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FDA 21 CFR, Part 11 and regularly audited by pharmaceutical companies.  

Key characteristics:

  • Multi-user system with centralized database and continuous data backup (encrypted), externalized daily. (replicated on recovery site)
  • User-friendly and easy to interpret results
  • Customized to different dosing regimens, including polypharmacy, multiple intakes per day, weekly dosing schedules, every other day, and on/off cycles
  • Designed to manage multiple MEMS® per patient (sequential and/or parallel use)
  • No data storage on local computers required
  • Flexible user profiles and access rights
  • Data export in CSV/XML formats
  • Requires minimal installation to read MEMS® from local computer
  • Online technical support


medAmigo Connect is the core of our platform medAmigo Suite, it collects and stores the dosing history data from the MEMS® packages as well as complementary data from external applications.

Moreover, this central module interfaces our platform with extern applications and extern data bases to download data source or to upload qualified/procesed medAmigo adherence outcomes.

It’s build on a patient centric rich proprietary data model based on 30 years of experience.

Key characteristics:

  • Multi-user system with centralized database
  •  Rich data model
  • Interfaceable with multiple leading software and protocols used for clinical trials management as well as or in the health sector as for example ECRF, FHIR, HP7


medAmigo View provides powerful dashboards and visualization to facilitate the management of medication adherence by healthcare professionals in medical practice,  clinical trials, and research settings.

By dispelling uncertainty about medication-taking, this service sets the stage for focused dialogue between the healthcare providers and their patients, increasing the quality of the management time spent. These never-before-available data give healthcare providers the objective means to help their patients get the fullest possible benefit from the medicines they prescribe.

Hard data on patient’s drug dosing history, showing occurrences of errors that can jeopardize treatment outcomes: missed evening doses, drug holidays, extra missed doses during weekends, variability in dosing times.

medAmigo View helps you to eyeball adherence behaviors and identify specific dosing patterns so you can engage a focused conversations with your patients (interventions).

Key characteristics:

  • Monitor single or multiple drugs

  • Compile hour-by-hour drug dosing histories

  • Access each patient’s complete dosing history at each visit

  • Compare patient dosing patterns





This module processes patient data using over 70 predefined and validated algorithms  to present a comprehensive picture of patients’ adherence based on the dosing history from the MEMS® and MEMS®-compatible packages.

Key characteristics:

  • Triage patients to pinpoint those that need additional support
  • Rely on study specifics to define triage rules
  • Use a wide range of pre-defined dosing regimens or study specific dosing regimen to summarize adherence
  • Powerful key features that pinpoint useful handles for health care providers to effectively manage individual patient's adherence to medications
  • Hierarchical interpretation of dosing history data based on adherence patterns detection
  • Segmentation by periods to visualize adherence data in accordance with ESPACOMP Medication Adherence Reporting Guidelines (EMERGE).
  • Project individual concentration trajectory (PK) and clinical outcomes (PD)





This module of the medAmigo Suite is specifically developed for NFC-compatible  smartphones or tablets.  Based on this module, the smartphone or the tablet can download the data from the MEMS® compatible smart package and securely transfer the dateto the medAmigo Suite.

medAmigo Mobile integrates some of the MedAmigo View functionalities presenting a comprehensive view of individual patients’ adherence behavior.



It’s a standalone version of the medAmigo suite available for specific application.

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