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Approaches to Medication Adherence

Reassessing Approaches and Attitudes to Medication Adherence in Drug Trials

It is human nature for people to trust the things that are known to them ahead of the things that are not. Familiarity, after all, brings with it a sense of comfort and reassurance. It is perhaps understandable, therefore, that … Read More

Is Neglecting Medication Adherence in Neurology Drug Trials Putting Patients at Risk?

The list of Neurological conditions is considerable, with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuro infections, and brain tumors, all attributed to this category of disease. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are affected by neurological … Read More

Bias in clinical Research

Unmasking Bias in Clinical Research: A Historical Perspective

It’s an uncomfortable truth that decision-making is a murky business. While we would all like to think that our actions and the choices underpinning them are rooted in logic, integrity, and reason, the truth is not entirely clear-cut. In reality, … Read More

Dose Optimization

Dose Optimization: Getting to the Root of a Long-Term Issue

In this article, Dr. Vrijens shares his thoughts on the need for dose optimization in the interests of balancing safety and efficacy. How we use language has a huge bearing on the meaning we convey. Take the word ‘overdose’, for … Read More

Medication Adherence Data

From Estimation to Calculation: Exploring the Power of Medication Adherence Data 

In this article, Dr. Bernard Vrijens discusses the importance of medication adherence data in clinical trials and why medication adherence should be a calculation, not an estimation. The world is today collecting a mind-blowing amount of data. Indeed, IDC calculates that about … Read More

Medication Non-Adherence

ROI: Understanding the True Cost of Medication Non-Adherence in Clinical Trials

In this article, our Scientific Lead, Bernard Vrijens, discusses the influence of medication non-adherence on ROI in clinical trials. Get ready for an insightful read! Fraught with risk yet pivotal to the future success of a drug candidate, clinical trials … Read More

Patient Medication Information

FDA Proposes Updates to Drug Labeling Regs to Include New Patient Medication Information (PMI) Guide for Prescription Drug Products

This action, if finalized, will require applicants to create a new type of medication guide, referred to as Patient Medication Information (PMI). In this article, our Scientific Lead, Bernard Vrijens, unpacks the proposals and questions whether more is needed to … Read More


AARDEX Group Announced as Founding Member of CancerX Initiative to Drive Innovation in the Fight Against Cancer

Adherence specialists join multi-stakeholder CancerX initiative to improve long-term pathways for cancer patients and meet the challenge of oral treatments. Liege, Belgium- July 18, 2023: Adherence specialist AARDEX Group is proud to announce it is a founding member of the CancerX initiative, bringing … Read More

Tackling Toxicity in the Era of Oral Chemotherapy Drugs

In recent decades we have witnessed a shift in how chemotherapy drugs are administered. Historically, cytotoxic chemotherapies were almost exclusively administered by a healthcare professional (HCP) via injection or intravenous drip, but today, oral chemotherapy drug forms are becoming increasingly … Read More

AARDEX Group Partners with Mevia

Integration of AARDEX MEMS AS and MEMS Mobile technology with Mevia’s Medose dispenser offers opportunity to pilot next stage in reusable and real-time adherence solutions. Liege, Belgium- June 8th, 2023: Adherence specialist AARDEX Group is proud to announce its partnership with Mevia, a … Read More