Clinical Trials Europe 2022: Learn About Unlocking Medication Adherence Insights to Enhance Drug Development

Poor medication adherence in clinical trials may be a long-standing challenge, but advanced approaches and technologies are finally cutting it down to size. Join AARDEX’s scientific lead at the 21st Clinical Trials Europe event to find out how.

Bernard Vrijens and Kenneth Getz, Executive Director and Professor at Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development will look at the current state of adherence in clinical trials, the complex and interconnected factors associated with non-adherence, and outline the evidence linking poor adherence to poor study outcomes. They will explain how measuring and managing adherence can improve data quality and drive study efficiency, without placing unnecessary burden on patients and sites. Critically, they will provide practical tips and advice on how to plan, implement, and ultimately, benefit from digital adherence solutions.

Vrijens said: “Disregarding poor medication adherence can be catastrophic for clinical trials. Gone unmanaged, it can mask vital safety signals, introduce unnecessary variability, and increase study timelines. Importantly, it can prevent sponsors from generating the evidence they need to prove the safety and efficacy of investigational products. Not only does this drive down return on investment at a time when the costs of drug development are spiralling, it also blocks patient access to potentially life-changing new medicines.”

The Spotlight Presentation talk, Mind the Gap: Unlocking Medication Adherence Insights to Enhance Drug Development, forms part of the Clinical Trials Europe 2022 event. Running from 7 – 9 November, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the meeting invites sponsors, CROs, and study vendors to “step into the new era of clinical trials”. 

It is the first time the conference, which is proudly sponsored by AARDEX, has been held in person since the COVID-19 pandemic. The agenda is packed full of future-proofing strategies that promise to ensure clinical trial success. Among this year’s themes are decentralized clinical trials, digital health, patient centricity, and real-world evidence. Diversity, sustainability, and post-pandemic learnings will also have a leading role.

Speakers include, among many others, Stephen Nabarro, head of clinical operations and data management at Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development, Khadija Rantell, senior statistical assessor at the UK’s Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency, and Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of the Digital Medicine Society.

Mind the Gap: Unlocking Medication Adherence Insights to Enhance Drug Development will take place at 10am CET/CEST on Tuesday, 8 November. For more information on the session, click here.

AARDEX Group will also be available throughout Clinical Trials Europe 2022 at exhibition Booth 77. 

To find out more about Clinical Trials Europe, or book your place, go to the event website.

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