Using data science to detect key changes in medication intake behaviors.

Electronic monitoring, a digital technology based on smart packages, enables the most objective and precise adherence monitoring.

By using an evidence-based digital adherence monitoring system, Sponsors and HCPs improve drug efficacy by managing patient adherence to the medications.

In this Medium article (the online publishing platform), AARDEX presents the latest results from its data science and AI research team. This article highlights the new proprietary algorithms to detect and predict changes in medication intake behavior.

The integration of these algorithms in the MEMS® Adherence Software allows real-time detection of changes in medication adherence and improves the efficacy of intervention.

For over 35 years, AARDEX is the world market leader with major contributions, leading to significant advances in adherence-related sciences.

These algorithms will be available to all smart packages and smart devices compatible with the MEMS® Adherence Software.

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