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AARDEX announces the world’s first DIGITAL MEDICATION ADHERENCE MONITORING solution fully integrated in the clinical trial platform by a top 10 pharma company.

AARDEX is proud to announce the integration of its MEMS® Adherence Software by a major pharmaceutical company. It’s the first end-to-end integration of electronically compiled dosing histories using smart packages from interactive response technology (IRT) into electronical data capture systems … Read More

How digital medication adherence monitoring increases the impact of innovative adherence research?

MEMS® has been a part of successful adherence research for more than 30 years.Download this adherence compendium and find out how digital medication adherence monitoring increases the impact of academic research findings.

AARDEX Group announces the opening of a new office in the U.S.

By establishing itself in the U.S., the Group aims to strengthen its business and maintain its position as market leader in digital adherence monitoring systems. Joe Keenan will lead the business development for the pharma and biotech industry in North America. … Read More

Using data science to detect key changes in medication intake behaviors.

Electronic monitoring, a digital technology based on smart packages, enables the most objective and precise adherence monitoring. By using an evidence-based digital adherence monitoring system, Sponsors and HCPs improve drug efficacy by managing patient adherence to the medications. In this … Read More

How smart packages enable digital medication adherence monitoring for successful clinical trials?

50 % of patients involved in clinical trials do not take their medication as prescribed, resulting in underestimated drug efficacy and delayed approval of the investigational product. Poor medication adherence is thus a threat to drug development. Stop using unreliable … Read More

View or review our April 15 webinar on “SMART Medication Adherence Monitoring Improving Speed and Accuracy of Clinical Trials”

The webinar “SMART Medication Adherence Monitoring – Improving Speed and Accuracy of Clinical Trials“, held on April 15, was co-organized with our partner WestRock. Bernard Vrijens, Scientific Lead of AARDEX, has discussed  the challenges of patient non adherence to medications … Read More

How the EMERGE guideline on medication adherence can improve the quality of clinical trials

Recently, the FDA (Mar 2019) and the EMA (Feb 2020) have finalized guidances to monitor and mitigate the risk of patient non-adherence to the treatments tested in clinical trials. Under the auspices of the International Society for Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP), an … Read More

As the world leader in digital medication adherence monitoring for successful clinical trials, AARDEX is proud to announce its collaboration with 4 Belgian/Swiss financial partners to assist company’s growth.

SRIW, Sowalfin, Noshaq and CCF (Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement du Valais) are now part of the AARDEX Adventure.

Bernard Duke Video

AARDEX’s scientific lead Bernard Vrijens is a panelist of the FDA and Duke-Margolis public meeting to explore the state of the science of clinical research evaluating medication adherence on December 10, 2019

Medication adherence—the extent to which patients take medications as prescribed in agreement with their health care provider—is an ongoing public health priority, given that improved adherence can lead to better clinical outcomes. … Read More

AARDEX is collaborating with Pfizer to implement MEMS® in the FORWARD National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases to derive real world evidence adherence data.

Read more on recent MTX adherence publication … Read More