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FDA DHT Guidance

Industry Stakeholders Respond to FDA’s Draft Digital Health Technology Guidance

In December last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued new draft guidance (Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical investigations) on what kinds of devices and software may be used for remote monitoring of clinical trial … Read More

innovative health initiative

Innovative Health Initiative Pledges to Help Break Silos Between Basic Research, Medical Disciplines, and Technological Areas.

Technology presents the healthcare community with a golden opportunity to improve lives – but only if we embrace that potential. Success, according to the Innovative Health Initiative’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, depends on cross-sector collaboration. Across Europe, healthcare faces … Read More

Supporting Adherence in Clinical Research with easy to use, Evidence-Based Medication Adherence Tools

Clinical research can stand or fall on the adherence to trial medications – even the most efficacious interventions will fail if people do not take their medicines as prescribed. That’s why researchers from the University of Sydney and the University … Read More

FDA Issues Proposed Guidance for the use of Digital Health Technology in Clinical Investigations

FDA Issues Proposed Guidance for the use of Digital Health Technology in Clinical Investigations

In recent years, a multitude of Digital Health Technologies (DHTs) have emerged, many with the ability to solve some of the biggest problems in clinical trials. However, uptake has been slow.  Now, proposed new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines … Read More

Paving the way for patient adherence in clinical trials

Paving the Way for Optimal Patient Adherence in Clinical Research

For far too long, poor patient adherence has been the elephant in the room. The common, age-old problem has the potential to bring a clinical trial to its knees, and yet with no workable solution on the table, sponsors and CROs have … Read More

Case for Measuring and Managing Patient Adherence

The Case for Measuring and Managing Patient Adherence

According to the World Health Organization, up to half of the patients with chronic diseases fail to take their medications properly.1 Research shows many patients who are part of clinical trials do not maintain medication adherence either.2 Among many things, poor patient adherence … Read More

Removing the Barriers that Hinder Patient Adherence in Trials

Removing the Barriers that Hinder Patient Adherence

Poor patient adherence tends to be a matter of people not taking their medicine as prescribed, due to access barriers. So how can placing an additional burden on patients be the answer?  As an industry, we are more than aware … Read More

AARDEX Group Joins Innovative IT4Anxiety Project

Innovative medication adherence tools in a real-world hospital setting to reduce anxiety in users of mental health services. Liege, Belgium – March 3, 2022: Belgium-based AARDEX Group, the global leader in Digital Tools for measuring and managing adherence to medication, today announced they have … Read More